wasteAs the largest waste operator in the Chicago metropolitan area, Allied Waste services more than 1.2 million residential customers in 75 communities as well as 20,000 commercial and industrial customers. Providing everything from residential collection, construction and demolition, municipal recycling programs and state-of-the-art landfill operations, Allied Waste continues to be the region’s premier choice for service, expertise, and value. For more than five decades, Allied Waste has built upon a foundation of excellence to become a true leader in this industry. Our managers know our business, our communities and are proud of the service we provide.

Allied Waste employs the most effective methods for solid waste collection, treatment and disposal. The major factors that set us apart from the competition include our fully trained, highly professional drivers, our service-oriented sales and office staff, our well-maintained trucks and equipment and our innovative solutions.


Whatever your business, Allied Waste Services offers a full range of service options and equipment to meet all your waste-collection needs—efficiently and economically.

Our team of experienced, highly trained drivers and support staff provides organized, timely service and safe operation. Our waste-service experts can help you choose the right container system as well as advise you on understanding environmental and workplace regulations that affect your particular needs.

We feature a variety of container options to best suit your waste volume and accessibility needs. Likewise, we can customize your container with accessories, such as rolling casters, tow hooks, overhead hooks, locks and plastic lids. Easily loadable with full swing-away lids, our containers are constructed of heavy-gauge steel that resists rust and leaks, reduces fire hazards, and aids in pest control. Our container swap program ensures that your containers will be cleaned, repaired and replaced when requested.

With our flexible scheduling, we can quickly respond to your changing waste-collection needs. Our full range of well-maintained equipment and trained professionals assures you of the most cost-effective and reliable service available.

We maintain an inventory of containers in a variety of sizes as well as flexible collection scheduling. Let our waste-collection specialists recommend and design a system specifically tailored for you.


Allied Waste Services works with residential customers to develop innovative and valuable programs that fit their needs and the needs of their communities. Allied Waste provides residents with consistent and courteous collection of garbage as well as recyclables, in addition to a wide variety of services beyond regular curbside trash collection. Residential service generally includes one time per week waste pick up and one time per week curbside recycling service. One time per week yard waste collection is also offered in many areas.

Allied Waste is committed to providing outstanding service in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner for our customers with our dedicated, service-oriented team of employees. We offer local community service and pride with the resources and benefits of a Fortune 500 company.

Semi-Automated Collection Service

Allied Waste Services offers an automated garbage collection system in numerous communities across Northeast Illinois. The special collection vehicle employs a robotic arm to lift and dump 68 and 96-gallon wheeled carts. The whole process takes about 10 seconds and is capable of operating at a lower RPM, resulting in less noise during collection. A tipper attachment and a robotic arm are used in areas with overhead clearance limitations. Consistent with the demands of efficiency and cost effectiveness, the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment provides better fuel efficiency, higher productivity, reduced downtime and fewer on-the-job injuries. Together these factors help keep operation costs down and our prices competitive.


Using our automated and semi-automated collection vehicles to pick up recycling bins, we provide quick and efficient pick up of residential recyclables. Still, we are continually looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to recycle. With the introduction of bigger containers and commingled recycling, it is our hope that more people will be able to recycle on a daily basis.

Single-Stream Services

Allied Waste Services’ sorting service allows our customers to put select recyclables, such as paper, cardboard and metals in one container. The recycling hauler takes the materials to a sorting facility where the materials are separated for recycling by hand.

Source Separated Recycling

Allied Waste Services also provides residential customers with separate recycling bins for select recyclables, such as paper and cardboard, while allowing for commingled recycling of items such as glass, metal, aluminum, plastics and household containers. The recycling hauler takes the materials directly to a recycling facility or a transfer site.

Curbside Collection of Yard Waste

Allied Waste Services provides curbside yard waste collection programs as part of regular refuse collection or as a separate resident-paid program. Allied Waste Services can also provide a yard waste drop-off program where residents can participate on an as-needed basis.

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